1. The next time you turn the lamp on, it’s shining your favorite shade! Specialized bulb sizes might be best for these types of lamps. At 2000 Lumens, it allows you to read even small printed lines and see the steam on your cup of hot tea. For instance, if you like to read on bed, you might find a clip on headboard reading light very useful. You probably have known that you can use different bulbs of different wattages to produce the same light output. Each of the lamps comes in a curvy body with decorative carved leaves in wood finish, creating a bold, traditional feel. What’s so special about this lamp? Best Seller in eBook Reader Reading Lights. I personally prefer full-spectrum light to other types of artificial light because I like the way it looks, but while researching your question, I found that "full-spectrum" is a marketing term, not a technical one. A light bulb with a brightness of 450 to 800 lumens and a color temperature of 5000 to 6500 Kelvin is a good choice for a reading lamp. Joining the lamp to finish the traditional French country look is a faux leather shade. If you’re working at home and want a setting that enhances your concentration and productivity, putting this Brightech floor lamp next to your desk would be a good move. It is also suggested that the darker the surrounding environment, the lower the lux you need for your light. One thing to note, however, is that the item can be slightly heavy if you want to clamp it onto the book or ereader and hold in your hands for a long time. The brightness level of the light is decided by the lux figure, that is, how many lumens it can emit on a square meter. At a diameter of 13.1”, the lamp fits very well with the confined space of your reading corner. Recommended reading: Hope you would love watching it, Last update on 2021-01-04 at 10:49 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API, Your email address will not be published. Install this warm classic pendant light there. Be it reading, cuddling to watch a romantic movie, or playing chess before you sleep, a soft, warm shade is best for creating a relaxing and intimate environment in your bedroom. Want the perfect light bulbs for reading at night with a magnifying glass? Some features are: Amazon Customer Review: “Perfect reading light” Jolynn Swafford. Bulb type. The creme shade, meanwhile, creates a soft romantic glow. Simply touch the power button until it reaches your preferred level. Its graceful arm is adjustable, reaching out and sliding back to where you please to ensure sufficient space and light focus for your bedtime activities. Patients who are nearsighted (myopic) will see a more gradual decline in reading vision. The guidelines below will help you choose the best reading light for your eyes. Therefore, for a desired lumen figure, you have choices over the bulb types. That is why a specifically designed item with bright, cool white light will be of great usefulness. One thing to check before you buy it, however, that your headboard is not too much thicker than 1.5 inches, and is tall enough so that the lamp won’t touch your head when you sit or lie in bed. This Claxy Ecopower barn pendant lamp comes with a black cord, a metal shade with an ivory finish inside, and black paint outside. Each lamp has a shade to direct the light to more focused areas above and under it. It offers that gentle glow that makes you feel safe and relaxed, allows you to forget all of your daily stress, and lose your mind and heart in the beautiful world of books. You can easily adjust the arm to get the exact light angle you need. Reading light features to consider. I read tons now through Kindle and the Lumiy lamp helps me read and work so much better (this lamp has just such good quality light I can’t get over it, I have NEVER found anything else like it). Bright, sleek and having multiple brightness and colors, this TaoTronics item is the best choice for a table reading lamp in your office. Set the light to turn off if you want to take a short break for a coffee or a walk to relax your eyes and back muscles. As a task lamp, the lamp’s light focuses on an area as large as your desk. ... Below, we walk you through what you need to know to buy the best bulb for your needs. Be it your time with a romance fiction book, your parents’ mini chess game or your child’s comic adventure, this little gadget promises to make it a moment of coziness with its warm pleasant light. This one is unequivocally the best reading floor lamp for the elderly with a magnifying glass that can provide up to 175% zoom. Personally, I can see it matching better with modern designs and decors. Well, any kind of light, if used for a long time can damage your eyes. Coming in a simplistic, space-efficient style and with 5 shell colors, the lamp can match easily with both traditional wood flooring and more modern spaces. I’ve been in need of a good reading lamp for awhile and this article helped. Some features are: Amazon Customer Review: “Great reading light” Meticulous. If you are 10 years old, you may only need 2-300 lumens. A 10 year old may be able to read with a 40 watt standard bulb (equivalent of a 6W LED bulb), but a 60 year old may need a 75 or 100 watt standard bulb (equivalent of 13W-18W in LED terms). Kudos to Brightech! If you do a lot of reading right before you go to bed, it is so important to have the best bedside lamps for reading that is going to provide you with the light that you need. This post contains affiliate links. The Litespan is perfect for arts & crafts, reading, sewing, wood working, and any other hobby that needs the perfect lighting. Find a Store Near Me . (whatever that means), People often find themselves looking for the best, The bulb should have between 4000k and 6500k color light temperature, It should have a dimmer for brightness and color adjustment, Should have good number of lumens starting from 2-300 at least, Should be easy on your eyes with warm white colors, Leverages the advanced SMD LED technology, Built-in Rechargeable 1000mAh Li-ion battery, Rechargeable with built-in 1000mAh battery, Comes with a clamp holder to be placed on desk, Adjustable head can be rotated in any direction, Highly adjustable with flexible gooseneck, Memory function allowing you to choose previous settings, 6 Things You Should Consider for Choosing The. Warm white fluorescent CFLs can be a good replacement, but do know that they still emit a small amount of UV rays. So let’s get started: If You are in A Hurry! With its warm light illuminated at 5Lm to 40Lm, this Ecologic Mart’s item wins our vote for the best book light for reading in bed. As it has a slender arm and head, the lamp takes a humble space in your small cozy corner or reading nook. Each is 30" high overall. But, before you get the one for yourself, make sure to discuss any concerns and queries you have with the vendor. To ensure the light is warm and pleasant to your eyes, choose bulbs with a temperature somewhere between 2700 to 3500K. As it is made for the lazy bed readers, the lamp can be switched using a pull chain. Outdoor post lights lamp lamppost Solar... How to watch Drive-in movie without draining car battery (3 Simple tricks), How to pick the Best generator for tailgating IN 2021 – Top 9 Home Generators. Your work in the home office requires energy and concentration, and you need to be sharp and alert for the challenging tasks. Nothing in the world sounds more heavenly to book lovers than a snuggle in their comfy chaise lounge with a soft blanket, two fluffy pillows, and a good, good book. Understanding labeling codes. But if you opt for an easier option, simply plug it into a socket close to your bed. It doesn’t always have to be a fancy chandelier with loads of sparkling crystals to bring you to the beautiful adventures. When it comes to studying, the light bulb you need might be a bit different from the normal reading light as you will be paying attention to different notes and notebooks at one time. LED lights are designed to protect the eye by minimizing irritation. A wide variety of best light bulbs for reading options are available to you, such … As the hooks are covered in a smooth material, they won’t create any scratch or peeling on the headboard. Apart from the various lighting options, the light also has a one-hour timer. There is a very simple answer to that: No light at all. Set of 2 lamps. Installed with a 60 – 100-watt bulb (or equivalent) at a warm temperature (2700 to 3500K), the lamp can create a homey and secure atmosphere. To protect the gripped surface from the strong grip, 6 suction cups are added inside it. Click on a product to see a more detailed description and review. On the contrary, best reading lamps for bed use focus on emitting the soft light, providing you with a more comfortable and eye protection light for reading before bedtime.. As you know, it is hard to read for hours in neither dim nor glaring light. The temperature should be at least 4100, and up to 6000k, which represents the neat, bright feeling of direct sunlight or light on a cloudy day. The base is neat and sleek. With a knob that you can twist to change both the brightness and the color temperature, the BenQ Genie is the perfect table reading lamp thanks to its versatility. To save your time searching around a plethora of products, we have made this review of the best reading lights for various rooms in your house. That lamp is so bright! Thank you for compiling all this! Its deep bronze color and a brownish, ivory shade match beautifully with other wooden furniture in your bedroom. The WaterDrake headboard light is very cool and might work perfectly in our guest room! This article covers the most important criteria for a good reading light in the bedroom, the home office, and the reading nook. Lit together on both sides of the bed, you will feel like the entire room is full of moonlight. As suggested by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, we need the illumination of 250 to 500 lumens per square meter for easy, normal visual tasks, such as reading, writing, knitting, and working on the computer. This set of two Barnes and Ivy Rosslyn lamps stand out for both function and design. As a table lamp, the item is designed to maximize your convenience. I get all my reading tips here. Read more: Top 10 Best Floor Lamps of 2021. Alibaba.com offers 1,017 best light bulbs for reading products. The material and color come in a retro simple design, making it match easily with most bedroom styles and decors. To make sure you don’t have to move the whole thing when your position changes, the neck is made flexible. The light would be perfect if it had a dimmable function for those who want a fast read to lure themselves to sleep. The right light for the right room matters. It also includes a detailed review of the best reading lights on the market. Lowe's Home Improvement lists My Lists. That is thanks to its considerate design with a thin profile on both the body and the shade. Let’s use our love of books to collectively build brilliant, creative futures for ourselves and our world. For a crisp, bright light to boost your energy and determination in the home office, choose the coolest color and the brightest intensity mode. The best reading light on your headboard is one that is portable, produces warm gentle light, but at the same time has a focused area so you don’t have to widen your eyes to be able to read. !” Lisa. Help spread the word. For a set of lamps that shine efficiently on your book, and convey a high taste of decors, we recommend these Regency Hills. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Well if you are an avid reader who likes to engage in this hobby when going to bed, then you should consider the lights with headboard clip-on. If the bright light … If you want a softer glow for a convo or to watch cat videos on Youtube, the lamp can always be adjusted to a dimmer mode. Standard (incandescent) bulbs consume the most electricity. Great post! Do you know the fasted and easiest way to make your reading corner a balmy, cozy corner for retreat? https://www.keyenergypark.com/led-lights/best-night-reading-lighting-bulb Before you realize it, your body will have already reacted by producing serotonin, causing you difficulty falling asleep. By advertising Amazon.com, Copyright ©2019 keyenergypark.com - All Right Reserved. No one light is better than another (white or yellow), yet a bright light is extremely important in reading which is why people with presbyopia read better during the day compared to at night. Here’s what we recommend. It is pleasant to the eye, warm enough to not mess with your melatonin (the sleep hormone), but bright enough to not lure you to sleep 3 minutes into your book. This is to reduce the contrast between the lit area and the darker area so that your eyes do not have to adjust dramatically when they wander around. !” C.Peavy. Despite being tall, the lamp stays sturdy on your table without taking much space. However, the light should have a design that promotes privacy and reflects your personality. Some features are: Amazon Customer Review: “Fantastic little clip-on light” Farmkiti. But, if you get the one that has less blue color and more warm white light, you can mitigate the risks of getting eye damage. They are function-oriented: simple, sturdy, and incredibly heavy (the lamp weighs 5.3 lbs). The dimming function is incorporated into the pedal switch. Well, this another magnifying lamp by Brightech is just the product for people looking for the best reading floor lamp. Another highly adjustable and modern designed floor lamp with the best light bulb for reading at night providing up to 6000K light temperature. It’s also where you activate the Smart Lighting mode, in which a sensor will detect the room ambient and adjust the light accordingly. Depending on how you use it, one charge can last from a few days to several weeks. Top 10 Best Book Lights of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews, 7 Must-Have Gifts for Mom's Book Nook - Hooked to Books. Love the site. The shade pairs perfectly with the metal parts to create an intimate, but classic and luxurious feeling in the room. June 5, 2020 3:40 p.m. PT. This futuristic light bulbs with a touchpad and different brightness adjustment options is definitely the one for people who have different preferences of brightness levels. A reading light for those moments is one you can only read by, but can also inspire your imagination and set a cozy, tranquil atmosphere. At 300 lm, the light is sufficient for reading in a dimmer lit environment. Keep in mind though that too much light or glare can be bad too. Therefore, this guide is created to help you find the best book light bulb for reading according to your preferences. Once you’re done with your book, reach over, pull down, and you’re good to sleep. Another incredible light with the incandescent bulbs for reading at night. In this way, soft white is my first choice. Best for high ceilings. Some features are: Amazon Customer Review: “Best Book Light I've Ever Had.” Arielle. Picking the right light for reading can be tricky, as reading lights vary vastly in their designs, functions, and features. Of course, the amount is much lower than the traditional bulbs. You should keep work or anything that reminds you of your duties and obligations out of your bedroom. What is the best light for studying in bed before sleeping. See small details and minute color contrast with its 6,000K cool white light. And if the light temperature of your bulb is also not right, you may damage your eyesight in the long run. Read our Light Bulb Buying Guide to choose the best solution for your space. Best Buy customers often prefer the following products when searching for Book Reading Lights. Not every item gets such a near-perfect review score on Amazon. Shop Savings Services Ideas. Sometimes the bulb can be too bright, or it may not be bright enough, making it very difficult for you to read. The shade is slightly brownish in color, promising to deliver a warm, pleasant light. That somehow gives off a feeling of calmness and humility. Manufacturers have developed a labeling system to help communicate light bulb requirements and recommendations for their lights. You can always bend, twist, and customize to your favorite lighting angle. This is an ideal way to precisely highlight the reading material without illuminating the rest of the room. Therefore you need to increase the wattage as you get older. Choose a light bulb with the right fitting. Color tunable LED smart bulbs, such as Euri Lighting’s A19 bulb, offer a more customizable light. For bedrooms, you’ll want to make sure there will be no light of extreme brightness levels. Designed for working with electronic devices, the light is distributed with more brightness to the sides and less in the center, thus minimizing glare on the screen. You surely don’t have to be an expert or a lighting engineer to be able to buy a good reading light, but some basic knowledge wouldn’t hurt. Daffodil USB Keyboard and Reading Light ULT05 - Easily See when Typing in the Dark (Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,711. The maximum color temperature is 3000k, and as it is a light for reading, it should not be under 2700k so as not to create extreme emotions or anxiety. Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp PERFECT HOBBY LIGHT: This standing lamp is perfect for the hobbyist. There are indicators to show you the charging and battery status. Therefore, the well-focused reading light for bed with fewer lumens is a better option than the light from a chandelier that doesn’t illuminate the reading area appropriately. Here are our top tips. Created to boost up working efficiency, the light emitted has a temperature of 6,000K. The ones with a temperature of 2700 to 3500K will do the trick. And then decide what color light and brightness level you should go for to ensure you get a perfect reading partner. People often find themselves looking for the best light bulbs for reading at night but in fact, what they should be looking for is the physical structure of the light according to their need. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. check Below Quick Comparison: When the sun goes down and you want to hit the bed but not sleep, you do reading. Kristin Wong . Lighting Home Decor Decorating Interior Design Home Apartment How-To DIY editor's picks. As the lamp is high (30″ or 76cm), you can now enjoy your book in bed in the most comfortable position.