Pick the Right Support and Wall Options. Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Kit 4 Ft. X 8 Ft. X 14 in. FLORALEAF31 X 20" X 20" Raised Garden Box Above Ground Planter for Growing Vegetables Flowers Herbs, DIY Gardening, Whelping Pen White Vinyl Garden Bed 1 Pack, Casol Planting Pot Cute Owl Shape Ceramic Planter Pot Ceramic Flower and Plant Container with Drainage Hole Multipurpose Bonsai Plant Vase Creative Cactus Flower Pot. The bottom of the planting box feaures strategically placed holes to allow drainage after watering, letting the plants absorb from the soil without over-hydrating. This raised garden box is made from 100% chemical free wood that is naturally rot free and insect resistant. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. This kid gives you a planting depth of 14 inches and lets you separate the length into two boxes so you can plant two distinct types of seeds separately. Of course, you can always make your very own raised garden bed rather easily if you’re a handy person who has experienced building simple standing structures. Michigan Mushroom Company - Grow Your Own Reishi Mushrooms Kit - Fully Colonized Ready to Grow Reishi Mushrooms - Grow Up to 4 lbs! Rather than just protecting your plants from the potential dangers of being planted in a yard, this fabric pop-up planter lets you make a simple garden where you otherwise couldn’t (i.e. Craigslist has listings for raised garden bed for sale in the Spokane / Coeur D'alene area. This table height planter makes for a physically low maintenance garden experience that can happen essentially anywhere, rather than just on your lawn. ... NEW Heavy Duty Greenhouse Kit 7x12 9x14 (6MM walls, fan vent full set) $1,549 … Expandable, tool-free raised garden bed with irrigation, Raised 48 by 48 by 15 inch garden box kit, Elevated cedar planter with greenhouse cover, Deer-proof “just add lumber” vegetable garden kit, “Just Add Lumber” 8 x 8 vegetable garden kit, Attachable greenhouse covers for certain plants or times of year, Extremely simple to assemble, with no tools required, Can be purchased in a range of dimensions according to the size of plot you want to plant, Convenient pre-assembled irrigation system that provides easy, even watering after planting, Good 8″ planting depth that suits all types of root systems, Simple snap lock assembly system that doesn’t require tools, Weather resistant, durable, and easy to clean materiality thanks to use of vinyl siding, Keeps roots systems and plants safe from scavenging animals, Eases pressure on knees and back while tending to garden thanks to raised height, Easily detachable greenhouse piece helps you create a micro-climate for those plants specifically, Greenhouse piece does not extend any higher, making its use limited for plants that climb or grow very tall, Some people found the box’s dimensions a little too small for the kind of plant they might have liked to use with the greenhouse piece, Beautiful reclaimed wood that’s naturally rot free and insect resistant, Tool free assembly using a sliding system at the corner posts (except the decorative post tops, which only require a screwdriver), Some pieces in some units might experience momentary sticking when you slide the pieces together and into place due to the natural knots, notches, and inconsistencies in the reclaimed wood, requiring you to put a little more power in, Easy to set up and portable folding fabric design, Deep planting space despite conservative size, Fabric is good for airflow and moisture drainage and is also durable and UV resistant, Might not foster the best results inside, despite advertised ability, likely due to changes in air flow, Put something protective underneath to protect the indoor surface you set this planter on from getting damp, since it’s porous enough for moisture runoff, Natural wood suits any scenery and landscape but is also easy to paint or stain if you prefer, Wood is naturally rot-resistant and very durable, Legs are good weight bearers, even when planter is entirely filled with soil, Bottom is resistant to cracking or damage from watering and growing roots, Occasional unit has been sent out missing one or two pre-drilled holes, requiring independent drilling on arrival, Natural finish of wood can give splinters in building, so consider wearing gloves, Durable galvanized metal treated with an anti-rust coating, Reinforced corners for even strong construction that will stand up to harsh weather, Efficient design for good drainage after watering, Setup at corner brackets can be a little confusing; steps must be followed precisely in order, Lightweight, durable, and weather resistant plastic materiality, Cute faux basket weave exterior design for detail and character, Tiered double box layout to allow for planting of different things without tangling or one plant strangling the other off, Self watering system and bottom reservoir to allow for full water absorption without overwatering, Plastic is naturally not as durable as many metals and woods, so you might consider taking this piece down and storing it safely for the off season if you live in a place with very harsh winters, Provides necessary materials for raised boxes, trellis walls, and a gate with a lock, Protects plants from larger animals, from rabbits to deer, Features 12 different boxes so various plants can be grown without interfering with one another, Easy assembly with full instruction guide, include illustration, Good opportunity to practice simple woodworking and building techniques, Will protect vegetables and other plants from small animals and children, Kit provides all non-wood essentials and pieces, streamlining process exponentially, Lumber is not provided and must be purchased and cut to size separately, adding to the cost of the overall project, which might take this kit out of some budget ranges, Convenient table height for physically low impact gardening, Strategically placed drainage holes allow for well regulated watering without over-hydrating, Durable cedar wood that’s naturally rot and weather resistant but would also be easy to paint or stain, Easy peg and hole system that requires minimal tool use, Some holds for assembly might be a tighter fit than intended for their corresponding pegs, and one or two might be missing, so having tools on hand just in case isn’t a terrible idea during assembly, even though it’s simple, Naturally finished wood that’s easy to stain or paint if you please, Cedar that is already rot and insect resistant and not prone to cracking, Generous 14 inch planting depth and separator wall for creating two distinct planter boxes for different seeds’ needs, Simple sliding and lock design for assembly, only requiring a screwdriver to affix the decorative end post tops, Spots where knots and other marks in the wood’s surface are present might momentarily stick during the slide and lock process when you’re assembling the planters, requiring a little more power and effort, Let you cultivate a more well fertilized garden even if you live in an area with dry ground that doesn’t naturally grow well, Help protect your plants from burrowing animals that might eat them from tunnels underneath the beds, Help protect your plants from some kinds of insects that access roots or leaves from the ground directly, Help protect your plants from crawling or traveling lawn weeds that might steal their nutrients and take over them root systems, Make gardening more accessible for those who can’t be down on their knees to tend to their plants, Provide space efficient alternatives for those who don’t have full yards or spare ground space for in-ground beds, Give you additional gardening opportunity and space if you’ve already planted as many gardens plots as your yard can handle naturally, Help protect your plants from getting trampled on the ground by running feet while your kids and pets play, Let you mix differently kind of custom soils to specifically benefit plants with special nutrient requirements that not, What kind of light your chosen plant needs to thrive, What kind of soil and fertilizer you might be required to use, What kind of “predators” your plant is most likely to attract, if any, Whether your plant might try to travel or climb, and whether it will require support, What height of raised bed might be most accessible for you based on your personal physicality, comfort, and range of movement.
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