Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. (And, if you are an extremely tidy household and have low foot traffic, no shoe policy, it could be even longer). It does not sound like an easy fix. Bona traffic claims 7 days for curing, but we advise our customers to wait 14 days before putting area rugs down as it’s better to be safe than sorry. For more information, visit Bona Traffic vs Bona Mega Bona Traffic is infinitely stronger than Bona Mega. This means you can walk on it (socks only). If you use Loba it has to be the new high grade one. do this at the 3-4 year mark and then every 3-4 years. They say you can put on a second coat of poly once its set , roughly 4 hours. Bona MegaBona Traffic Vs Hd What S The Difference FlooringWoodline PolyResidential Hardwood Flooring Images GandswoodfloorsBona Traffic Polyurethane Vs Mega What S The Difference And Which One … My second choice is classic seal. I would not worry about the VOCs at all. Bona Traffic Polyurethane vs Bona Mega. We don’t add poly over paint…because we are unsure of the results…and don’t want to mess up people’s homes. Bona Traffic HD has the hardening booster. Bona Traffic HD cures faster. Bona developed Mega One as an even easier product to work with than the original Mega finish. Sheri – I’m sorry to hear that. I would probably try nordic for the lightest/most natural seal. I did call Bona, who blew me off, saying “no guarantee” and “buy and try” over 8 times in a 4 minute phone call. Perhaps the stain can be removed and then they can do a screen and recoat for the whole floor. The main difference is that Bona Mega is a single component lacquer, meaning you only use what you pour out onto the surface of the wood floor, whereas Bona Traffic is a 2 component lacquer, where you mix part b into part a, give the can a good shake up, leave for a few minutes for the different components to mix together properly then you are good to go. Trade show season will look different this year. That is odd. The harder the floor gets before movers, kids and/or dogs walk on the floor the better. Bona Mega ONE 350.00 ₾ მისი გამოყენება სწრაფი და მარტივია, შედეგი კი – საიმედო და გამძლე. felt pads, doggie socks). On all of these, you want to avoid the yellow. Bona Mega ONE is your 1 component partner for timber floor treatment. Additionally, Bona Mega ONE is a low-VOC product that is GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality. Aygee – I don’t believe I advised people to use Bona Traffic over paint. 2. (wish i had known about Traffic). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Bona is the first in its industry to carry a full system of hardwood floor finishing and floor care products certified for indoor air quality. Use as a topcoat lacquer to give beautiful results to many styles of interior wooden floors. Also, you can buy doggie socks too to prevent scratches. Bona Mix&Fill Plus 250.00 Add to cart Bona Novia 270.00 Add to cart Bona Classic Primer 270.00 Add to cart Bona Quick 250.00 Add to cart Bona Mega 330.00 Add to cart Bona Mega ONE … It’s also a more neutral color so it looks better (and looks higher quality) and it goes with more decor styles. John – You should wait at least 2 weeks before they move in with a dog. Using the Bona mega saves money, but definitely compromises durability. To celebrate the launch of the Mega ONE, for a limited time we are offering a Free 1Lt Bottle with every 5Lt Mega ONE Pack purchased. Allen J. in Tampa voices compliments heard from many, “Traffic HD semi-gloss really made our hardwood floors ‘pop’ and the It is also safer to keep dogs off the floors for 14 days, too. Preferably a tough, high build coating that will wear like a commercial as opposed to res. For webinar sponsorship information, visit or email Design, CMS, Hosting & Web Development :: ePublishing. Pete – 2 days can be doable with a water based poly such as Bona Meda, provided that there isn’t a stain. With all the new low VOC tech out there, please don’t tell me there’s a massive gap in the market when it comes to protecting painted floors. I recommend them as they are good products. Should we do one coat of this or two? Bona Mega ONE simplifies the craftsman’s everyday life, making the job faster and easier with the quality you depend on. You must have JavaScript enabled to enjoy a limited number of articles over the next 30 days. Thoughts!? Bona Mega ONE is an easy-to-apply, forgiving product that offers high durability with exceptional scratch and scuff resistance and a five day full cure time. Just a thought from a guy who has done this for the first time. Well actually, it’s better for all of us (after all, who likes the smell of polyurethane?). Please click here to continue without javascript.. Amy – Unfortunately, you will need to sand and refinish the full area. For sure you can use Bona Mega on pine. What’s the difference and which one is better? Nowadays, the majority of people want to avoid the yellow/amberizing effect that occurs over time (this is driven mainly by sunlight, but also interior light), and Bona Traffic provides much better protection for your floors. By visiting this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block. Hardwood supplies – e.g. It is quick-drying and easy to abrade. Bona Traffic HD amberizes less. The paint is the sealer and the poly can not penetrate the wood once paint is applied.. You will at least need to do the full room. If you live in Westchester County NY, I offer color consultations to advise customers on paint colors and stain choices. And, you may find this article handy on how to prevent scratches in hardwood floors. (The glazed finish is akin to any lowsheen oilbased enamel…) Can I apply Bona straightup, or do I need to apply sealer first? If you want to save a few dollars by using Traffic over Mega I’m refinishing second floor and stairs. It would be rare to find this in a local carpet store or a Big Box store. What Bona Sealer products do you think we should use so that it stays as close to the natural sanded look as possible? Or I just better off paying extra cost of 3 coats of Traffic HD? Residential hardwood flooring images hardwood floors bona traffic finishes questions for best water based polyurethanes for most durable hardwood floor finishes 5 best water based polyurethanes for. Ideal for offices, small shops, hotel rooms and domestic properties, Bona Mega offers the performance of a 2K floor varnish in a ready-to-use formula. (and that may have happened with any poly). For Bona Traffic, I’d recommend 2 weeks (i.e 14 days). It would have been better to use Bona Traffic HD rather than Bona Mega. If you ask most experienced professional floor refinishers and if you read the reviews online, hands down Bona Traffic HD is the best water borne polyurethane. Bona MEGA ONE - puikus pasirinkimas įmonėms, mažoms parduotuvėms, viešbučių kambariams ir aukščiausios klasės pasirinkimas gyvenamiesiems namams. Bona Traffic HD has higher durability. Bona Mega 木製床仕上げサテン1ガロンがワックスストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。 I am a landlord who sanded some very old floors. We’ll that’s tough to say as wear and tear differs by household based on foot traffic, whether you wear shoes, care and maintenance, etc. I appreciate your time and quick response. This is especially important if you are staining hardwood floors gray or white washed floors, or if you have natural maple floors. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page. Bona Mega ONE is a primer and topcoat in one, suitable for heavy domestic and light commercial areas. Bona Traffic HD comes out lighter AND amberizes less over time compared to Bona Mega (as well as when it’s compared to oil based poly and all other water borne polyurethanes).. I was actually calling Sherwin Williams a couple of weeks ago (and they have their own brands of polyurethane) and instead recommended a different product from Minwax that’s a combo of paint and poly. Then, going forward, you want to prevent this. We have white oak that we want to use Bona natural seal. preventing scratching). You can call the manufactures to see what they say. Residential condo that faces s/SWThanks for advice. What do I have to be concerned about? Bona Mega ONE is a primer and top coat in one, suitable for heavy domestic and light commercial areas. We don't use any other water base finish such as street shoe or mega because I find that it scratches too easily. Curing occurs when residual solvents leave the film and it begins reacting with oxygen from the air. (The stain then acts as the sealer, so no need to use a sealer if you have stain). 4. Elizabeth – cats are a bit easier on the floors than dogs based on the way they walk and retract their claws on the floors. But, these should be the 2 best. Order online or call 0116 2741050 Product Advantages • High build characteristics • Quick dring • Excellent sanding properties • Non-yellowing Technical Spec 8-10 m2/litre (120 So, you say Traffic takes 7 days for a full cure, but in the “How long…” article, you list 30 days to cure for both water and oil based. With a two-component wood floor finish, it’s easy to mix it incorrectly or have … Do dogs cause a lot of wear and tear? A seller of the product recommended this: You put one coat of sealer on and at least 2 coats of bona mega with a Hardening booster. VOC’s are Volatile Organic Compounds, and the lower the number, the better. Most likely, you may really only need 8 hrs from the last coat, but we advise customers to wait 24 hrs both to be careful and to account for humidity and/or poor circulation area. 1x Bona základní lak na vodní bázi 3x Bona Mega ONE jemné broušení zrnitost P150 2x Bona Mega ONE Poznámka: • Nedoporučuje se nanášet více než 2 vrstvy laku za den. Provides excellent And, the odor dissipates faster. And, Bona Traffic HD is the best of the best. Bona Traffic HD Review The ratings for Traffic HD are positive from about 80% of reviewers. But, a much easier and less expensive way to buy it would be on Amazon. I can’t seem to think of the name right now (I need more sleep). It depends how deep it penetrated YOu may need to do2 coats. But, generally for oil based poly, you would wait 30 days. Bona Mega ONE is an easy-to-apply, forgiving product that offers high durability with exceptional scratch and scuff resistance and a five day full cure time. And, most are lighter than dogs. I know a lot about poly over stain, but not over paint. I build staircases and this is one … Visit our updated, This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. Bona Mega ONE паркетный лак на водной основе, сфокусирован на упрощении рабочего дня, для более быстрой и лёгкой работы с большой надёжностью. You can also find some of these at the end of this article. Please read my guide lines in this article How long does it take polyurethane to cure which explains when you can move furniture back, when pets can walk on floors, put area rugs down etc. Often dogs do cause more wear and tear. Bona Mega ONE is a clear, waterborne one-component finish that dries fast, is easy to use and provides high build for superior protection. I would call take pictures and call the manufacturer and let them know what the stain is and maybe they’ll have a suggestion for you. Bona Traffic has less than125 VOC’s while Bona Mega has 200 VOC’s. Neither finish should require an extra coat when new unless you think you're going to neglect the floor and are worried it will wear out. Instead, I said it was the one most likely to work. He says 2 days for everything. I started out using Bona in the mid 2000’s when mega and traffic first came out. Find a Bona Mega ONE demo near you! the other one will yellow. It kind of sounds like that person got the products confused. Bona Mega ONE is a primer and top coat in one, suitable for heavy domestic and light commercial areas. I have orange stains in some areas of my white washed floor. Ora reaction with a cleaning product. (maybe even sooner…but you know smaller dogs are closer to the floors than people are). And, to that, you can do a screen and recoat which is just a buffing + 1 coat poly. Working with tinted glazes (either alkyd or latex) yields a low sheen finish which still needs protection. Please note that some of this site’s links are affiliate links, and is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It looks better (and yellows less over time), it lasts much longer (often an extra 3 to 5 years, pending on the wear and tear), it has lower VOCs and it smells less. In addition, it cures much faster and this is especially important if you have pets or kids. See this article: I’ve read a couple of posts elsewhere detailing the use of Bona Traffic as a topcoat over interior floors painted with Sherwin Willliams oil based deckpaint without adhesion issues…Can you or any if yor readers fill me in on using Bona Traffic over floors faux finished with Ben Moore Studio Alkyd based glaze? Alex – If you are going natural, then do Bona sealer + 2 coats bona traffic HD. Non-yellowing with excellent build characteristics, Mega ONE functions as your one partner in wood floor treatment. Bona Traffic smells less. Thanks FG, We won’t use anything other than Bona Traffic for Gray or white washed floors. This can be a real advantage to those with young ones as well as those with sensitive noses. Contractor says he doesn’t know why. I would do the sealer + 2 coats of Bona traffic HD. We put down a lot of Bona Traffic HD now and have put down a lot of Traffic for the past 10 years. And, hten 2 coats Bona Traffic is sufficient.It covers and adheres better after the sealer. These numbers are base on curing and vulnerablity of the floors (i.e. Order online or call 0116 2741050 Product Advantages 1 part polyurethane topcoat, so no need for any mixing. An expert floor finisher would probably recommend 3 coats of finish, minimum. I can never get a straight answer from the poly companies nor the paint companies…and that may be because their isn’t one. Your email address will not be published. Oh We have a big dog too Dries to a non-yellowing hardwearing finish. Bona US announced the launch of Bona Mega ONE, a one-component finish new to the Bona Sealer and Finish System. Before Bona introduced Mega HD Clear and re-formulated Traffic, their only clear non-yellowing urethane was Novia which is pretty cheap stuff. Bona Mega One from Ambience Hardwood Flooring. Unfortunately, I can’t use a paint/poly combo, because what’s needed is a low sheen uv resistant waterborne or latex clearcoat, to provide protection over a decorative finish. I’m not sure about the stain you’re referring to and whether that would make a difference. A next generation 1k finish that delivers 2k results. But according to your site, I think there’s a better combo! Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. If there is extra work (e.g. We don’t want yellow at all and hope to use one that keeps it as pale(white) as possible. At NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission, if you purchase them. Bona Mega Floor Varnish is an innovative waterborne one component formula that reacts with oxygen and performs like a two-component. After the sealer are we better doing 3 coats of Bona Traffic HD rather than 2?. Ceramic tile is a versatile and popular material for all kinds of floors. But maybe Loba’s tech person is more helpful. Can i use bona mega on pine after using vinegar steel wool stain. Those are probably safe enough for dogs by 48 hrs. That will give you the most strength. It takes 30 days for oil based poly to cure. Not being especially high traffic areas, is this the context product and number of coats and what would be total time to apply and seal these floors? There are a few items you may want to buy ahead of time to help out (e.g. We've been using it for 20 years and find that it has exceptional flow and working time for water-based finish. The short answer is Yes and Yes! What about traffic areas which show wear,due to large dogs, but surrounding areas still looking good. Imagine, the could have even suggested I use their paint, but seemed intent on hanging up. This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. I read that you recommend keeping dogs off for 24 days. Bona Mega is a single component waterbased floor finish. It reaches full curing at 7 days (Oil based poly takes 30 days to cure).. Did you find my tips helpful? Jim – Just 1 coat of sealer. Their felt pads, doggie socks, Ebook – What to look for when buying a home with hardwood, Bona Traffic vs Bona Traffic HD – Is there a difference, How to refinish hardwood floors gray – the right way, How to prevent scratches in hardwood floors, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy. Bona Traffic has less than125 VOC’s while Bona Mega has 200 VOC’s. Bona Traffic smells less. What can I apply to the worn out high traffic areas ? Joe – You can generally put the coat on carefully after 4 hrs (wearing socks). By closing this message or continuing to use our site, you agree to the use of cookies. Need help with how long you should wait after you refinish your floors? Read more here. Negeltonina medienos. It dries quickly, it is easy to abrade, non-yellowing and it carries excellent build characteristics. A visual comparison: Bona Mega vs Competitor Bona Mega Test Scuff Marks The innovative formulation of Bona Mega offers the superior performance of a 2-component lacquer in a 1-component product, offering superior protection against spills and scuffs. And, please note that this item may not be in stock in some areas of the country. I have 1 question : Could you amend one or the other so they agree? Thank you for advice. 4. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bona Mega ONE Satin at It generally takes 14 days for water based poly. Is it “safe” to allow tenants with dogs? I know as soon as you put sealer, generally they look darker and a bit more yellow. I want to hear from you. Both lines of Bona Mega and Bona Traffic dry equally as fast, but Bona Traffic CURES much faster. Many don’t understand the difference between drying and curing – they are both important, so let me explain. Not very good customer service, so I thought I’d reach out to an experienced coatings specialist…. But Bona traffic HD is the best in durability, lowest in VOC’s and least yellow out of all options. Bona Mega Varnish is a water-based, polyurethane floor varnish. Switched to Pallmann in around 2010 and have been using it predominately since. You may find that either or both work…or at least for now. This allows it to develop strength, hardness, abrasion resistance (i.e. 5. And, no you would not use a sealer. We try to have repeat customers and not angry customers. Their paws still have skin (just like our barefeet, so make sure they are off the floors for at least 2 days. Because Bona Traffic has lower VOC’s, it just smells less. 1. If so, feel free to buy me a coffee and support my blog. If you are doing stain, then do stain + 3 coats Bona traffic HD for maximum durability. But, I would test these in a small area as I don’t know if they would look different on birch vs. oak. How much longer? Dřevo by mohlo nabobtnat. Bona Mega ONE® simplifies the craftsman’s everyday life, making the job faster and easier with the quality you depend on. How are you learning about new flooring products? 3. As a general rule, Bona Traffic HD costs about twice as much as Bona Mega. TIA. Where food dropped. Please note that the cost of polyurethane is only one aspect of the cost equation (you also have to factor in the labor cost for sanding/refinishing as well as the cost for the stain (if you are staining). During the sanding process, the finish offers solid abrasion properties while the high build of Bona Mega ONE creates a clear finish surface that will not yellow over time. It functions as your My designer discount at the paint stores usually more than offsets the cost for the hour consultation. Bona Traffic HD comes with hardener that you mix in for even stronger durability. I would recommend that you call Bona to see if this okay. Drying occurs when solvents evaporate from the surface of the film, leaving it tack free. finish. I like a lot of their newer stuff, they’ve come a long way. Also, make sure you or they have entry mats for front and back doors (both inside and out to reduce water damage (from rain and/or snow). So I want to help you, but I honestly don’t feel that I’m qualified to do so. yet they also say your not supposed to walk on it for 24 hours. felt pads, vent covers, Hardwood supplies e.g. I would guess that the 2 best options to try are Bona and Loba (which is new). So how is it that your going to put the polu down for your 2nd or 3rd coat before 24 hours time ? By closing this message or continuing to use our site, you agree to the use of cookies. But, as a general rule, I’d venture that for the average household, it will probably give you an EXTRA 2 to 4 years of life. It is quick-drying and easy to abrade. One of the great things about Bona Traffic is that it is 80% cured after just 24 hrs and 90% cured at 72 hrs. We applied 3 coats of Bona Mega. All Rights Reserved BNP Media. Visit our updated, Bona Touts The Next Generation Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop, Bona US Introduces Bona R851 with Extended Open Time, Bona Announces Winner of the Bona Atomic Adventure. Bona Mega Varnish 5 Litre from Ambience Hardwood Flooring. Bona Mega ONE is a clear, waterborne 1-component finish that dries fast, is easy to use and provides high build for superior protection. also, if you get a lot of sun, consider window treatments and/or UV blockers/film on windows. I didn’t mean to imply you said to use Bona over paint, I read those posts elsewhere. Bona contributes to a healthy home by eliminating dust during the sanding process, offering low-VOC hardwood floor finishes and in creating no-residue floor care products. Like the original, Mega One is a single component finish which means that there’s no waste. Love the natural paler colour of the sanded floors. Does that sound appropriate? Bona really makes the best water borne polyurethanes, hands down. Often you can buy this at a local hardwood flooring store. 3 coats is not necessary as the sealer is acting as first coat, so you have 3 already. The biggest issue with cats (usually) is around the kitty litter which can get caught in their paws, so make sure they have a mat to brush them off and ideally put the kitty litter further away from the hardwood. Hi flooring girl Bona Traffic HD has lower VOCs than Bona Mega. I do not believe any polyurethane is approved for paint. Check out my timeline here: Your email address will not be published. Bona Mega Mega was one of Bona's first waterborne products in the US market. Introducing Bona Mega ONE, the next generation 1k finish that delivers 2k results. moving furniture, ripping up carpeting,it could take a bit longer), but I think this is pretty realistic. Tell me how we can improve. This is really helpful for those who are looking to move into a new house quickly as well as busy households with dogs. And, there is a good reason for that as you’ll read below. We have sanded our birch floors. i realize people get away with it yet it seems to me that by waiting 24 hours between coats you will end up with less problems . Because Bona Traffic has lower VOC’s, it just smells less. Negeltonina medienos. Bona Mega ONE is an exceptional water based floor finish specially designed for the needs of flooring contractors. You may also find that a few years from now that they slighty amberize. Bona Mega ONE is innovated as an easy-to-use, durable, crystal-clear finish with high build. (and have been wondering the answer for a few years now). It gives you a more stylish, contemporary and natural look. Is that so they don’t scratch floors or because of VOC’s. Bona natural + bona traffic naturale 2x Thanks Like Save Judy Lassiter 3 months ago I have to make a decision on Monday. Bona Mega is a very durable residential or commercial finish and comes in the following sheen’s: Gloss, Semi-gloss, and Satin. For Bona Traffic, at 24 hrs, it’s 80% cured so it’s much safer to wait until then. Clean and safe low emissions Used for heavy domestic It sounds like the food may have had a chemical reaction with the poly. Bona AB šeimos valdoma kompanija įkurta 1919 metais. Then apply Bona Mega in all the light traffic areas and Traffic in all the heavy traffic areas. resistance to scratching) as well as chemical resistance. They used Bona Traffic as sealer. Required fields are marked *. The more it cures, the better and each hour over the first 24 hrs makes a big difference. By visiting this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block. Copyright ©2021. Each coat though takes longer to dry (generally an extra 2 hrs). Non-yellowing with excellent build characteristics, Mega ONE functions as your one I use this on stair treads . Available in a range of Sheens: Gloss, Satin, Matt and Dead Matt. During the sanding process, the finish offers solid abrasion properties while the high build of Bona Mega ONE creates a clear finish surface that will not yellow over time. Bona Mega can be applied with a waterbased sealer or directly over Bona floor stain. I’m wanting to go with Bona Traffic HD. you. How long does it take polyurethane to cure, how to prevent scratches in hardwood floors. You have to go with the lowest common denominator. There are a lot of references about dogs – how about cats and Bono Mega? My contractor is planning to use that. Any suggestions? It simply holds up to scratches better and lasts longer. I have a floor refinishing proposal that includes sealer, two coats of Bona Mega and final coat of Bona Traffic HD .Does it makes sense? My floor guy has proposed sanding 2 oak bedroom floors and putting 3 coats of bona mega satin. 1. one layer of Bona white + Bona traffic naturale 2x, or 2. Floors get a lot of sun. Eileen – 24 days is a bit of a random number.

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